Me & Brian at the Manhattan College Young Alumni reception

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Internet Week NY 2012

Internet Week NY 2012 was definitely a learning experience.  Read More…

We saw Pat Kiernan ice skate. Thanks, Twitter!

We had three performers that we could vote for. Obviously, we voted for Pat Kiernan.

Occasionally, either Brian or I win something on Twitter. In 2011, we won Zipcar credit and VIP passes to see the xx at the Summerstage in Central Park. This year, we won a pair of tickets to see Aziz Ansari (coming up on June 20th!)…and a pair of tickets to see Pat Kiernan, our favorite news anchor, show off his skills at the Ice Theatre of New York’s Celebrity Skate 2012. Read More…

Wooden Wells

Wooden Wells, Trash Bar in BK, May 2012

If you were ever into Green Day, these guys are for you. I wasn’t even that into Green Day, and I totally dig Wooden Wells. No, not just because the lead singer and drummer are two of my best buds from college…because they’re fun and sincere, and it shows in their music. Give them a listen.

Shrewsbury, MA

It was great to go home for shopping with mom to celebrate our birthdays, Cinco de Mayo celebrations and just relaxing with my family. Scored some new clothes, played games, drank merrily, and got to iParty with minutes to spare to pick up Cinco de Mayo necessities. Read More…


Brian did some laundry, and when he came back, he slithered in through the door. When I asked him why he was being so weird about getting in and out of the apartment, he didn’t need to say much. I saw this little paw wrapped around our door. Don’t worry – after a long night of asking everyone “Is this your cat?,” another tenant in my building took the poor thing in. Not before it made a mess of the lobby and scratched up our door, though. I fear that he once lived in our apartment…

Cat in the door

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