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Chinchilling in the air-conditioned living room

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Ready to go

Rufus, the chinchilla.

Moving pains

Why is furnishing a 2-bedroom apartment so difficult? Read More…

Shrewsbury, MA

It was great to go home for shopping with mom to celebrate our birthdays, Cinco de Mayo celebrations and just relaxing with my family. Scored some new clothes, played games, drank merrily, and got to iParty with minutes to spare to pick up Cinco de Mayo necessities. Read More…

The Inwood Pit

While the view from our window isn’t exactly “nice,” I have reason to believe that this darling pit kept our rent down. Fingers crossed it gets cleaned up sooner than later.

Inwood pit view

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Happy birthday to me!

This margarita has whiskey in it! Indian Road Cafe‘s cocktail list is incredible (so is everything else on their menu).

Indian Road Cafe smokey margarita with whiskey.

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