Internet Week NY 2012

Internet Week NY 2012 was definitely a learning experience. 

  • It was a tough environment to absorb new information. While the space in SoHo was lovely, the acoustics won over the speakers in almost all cases. Having major panels and speakers in the middle of a large, open, high-ceilinged wooden room on a stage bookended by a coffee area with bathrooms and a lounge leant itself to strained ears.
  • With so much going on and so little free coffee / drinks / snacks, networking was tough, too. Even the sold-out happy hour I went to was a confusing experience – there was no exclusivity to Internet Week attendees, and the nature of “internet week” meant that literally anyone from all facets of any industry could have been there. Choosing who to mingle with in the little time I had was an overwhelming task.

I need to rethink my approach for next year – and for the next Social Media Week. I didn’t get what I had hoped to out of them this year…but that’s what happens to n00bs. Next year!


Pete Cashmore (Mashable) at Internet Week NY 2012

Seeing Pete Cashmore was wonderful. Oh, and listening to him talk about Mashable’s beginnings and his journey was both inspiring and had surprising elements. If you have a chance, listen to Pete talk about it himself.

Mayor Bloomberg launches at Internet Week NY 2012.

Yes, that glowing, iPhone-camera-botched man is dear ol’ Mayor Bloomberg who showed up to launch If you’re in the digital / tech scene and arYes, that glowing, iPhone-camera-botched man is dear ol’ Mayor Bloomberg who showed up to launch – the latest stride in making NYC a center of the digital / tech world. If you’re in the digital / tech scene and are looking for work, this website is your new best friend. I love the UI – simple, but does everything you want it to.

The good news is that like every good conference show, Internet Week NY made many of the major presentations available online. I’m going to try the time to go back and fill in the blank spots on my notes. Enjoy!


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