I can’t sleep! I blame…time zones?

California was pretty cool. Although I didn’t get to do much sight-seeing and restaurant-trying at all, the business mission was accomplished and I hope to return soon. Then, maybe, I’ll get to see some of my friends from highschool who very intelligently moved to soCal.

This photo does not do Laguna Beach justice. The views were amazing.

It was in the mid-60’s the entire time. And there was Mexican food everywhere. We were so close to Mexico!

Seriously! So close!

In other news, my VeriPhone should arrive at my parents’ house TOMORROW. Then, they have to send it to me. I don’t understand why Verizon did this, but in the pre-order for existing customers, they did not allow for upgrade transfers from line to line in the same family plan. There are so many things wrong with this – since they have typically (have always, in my experience) allowed easy upgrade transfers in buying new phones, many phones on family plans that have actually been in use for the required time to be eligible for an upgrade will NOT show that they are eligible for the upgrade. Woof, that was a terrible sentence. Example: my dad has always graciously transfered his upgrade to one of us three kids when we “needed” a new phone. Since he has transfered his upgrade to us so many times, it appears as though he’s not eligible for a phone…but he has had his phone for maybe 3 years.

What I’m getting at is that they’re making it much harder for people who are in this situation to upgrade. I’m in this situation because I’ve been transferring MY upgrade to my other family members while I’ve been WAITING for the VeriPhone! I’m annoyed.

Also, they didn’t tell me this would be an issue. 

Dear Verizon Customer Service, 

Full disclosure of this issue would have probably saved you $1,000s of grief.

-Someone in the business

Long story short, we ordered the phone with my brother’s upgrade, and now I have to storm a Verizon store and tell them to switch it all up. If they do not allow for such a thing, my dad and I are selling it on eBay and I will be bitter until I get an upgrade. My current phone seriously bites, and I have seriously been patient.

We will know by the end of the week.


Okay, so we know now. I should have searched this sooner. Clicky the pic-y to see.


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