I shouldn’t even be here today

I lost my hat on the Metro North today. There’s 15 inches of snow on the ground, but I came in anyway. I can’t believe I lost my hat on a day I shouldn’t have even come in.
I feel like Dante in Clerks:
I shouldn’t even be here today.
If you’re not silly like me and you’re at home today, you should watch:
  1. Portlandia
  2. Bob’s Burgers (all episodes)
  3. Skins (British) ((DUH))
In other news, I might be going on my first business trip soon! More to come on that…


I did find my hat on eBay, and I was able to buy it for $.01 + shipping. So, if I do recover my hat from the MTA, I will have a backup.

All is well in the world.


About cicutoface

Canadian transplant in Inwood, New York City. Community Manager at House Party, a WOM marketing company. Owns a chinchilla. Voluntarily takes on too much work to help anything from pop-punk bands to homeless dogs. Learning to cook and live well.

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