Too much cold of all kinds

I think I’m on Day 10 of my cold.

Thursday: Priest & the Beekeeper at The Creek and The Cave TV
Friday: The Mars Bar in the LES TV
Saturday: Bronxville to drink, eat and Wii with Cassie & Dan, and their friends – success!

Success until Brian and I tried to leave and got on the wrong train – it was on the New York track! We’re still not 100% sure as to what exactly may have happened, but we did end up in Tuckahoe at 12:30am, and we had to wait for the 1:25am train. Awesome. We explored, and found nothing. When Brian asked a cop if anything was open so we could at least get snacks, he told us to check out the vending machine because the only bar that we saw closed in like 10 minutes.

Conclusion: Tuckahoe is a silly place, and I want no part of it. Suburbia is not for me and Brian.

Although this would look pretty sick on a t-shirt – wait, is there ANOTHER Tuckahoe, NY? Sigh.

Tomorrow, I start my gym routine again. Wish me luck! Bah.


About cicutoface

Canadian transplant in Inwood, New York City. Community Manager at House Party, a WOM marketing company. Owns a chinchilla. Voluntarily takes on too much work to help anything from pop-punk bands to homeless dogs. Learning to cook and live well.

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