Tattoo, Petco, trips

Wendi did such a fabulous job. She did some awesome scroll-work with leaves and purple flowers up the right side and above the heart on my back. There are also two chickadee silhouettes, and one of them is holding a purple maple leaf. I love it! No pictures yet – it’s still crusty, and it looks super-duper weird next to my heart which is all healed and faded to a normal shade.

One of the chickadees is right on my spine. Don’t get a spine tattoo. 

I think I’m finally done with tattoos! I’m very content. Seriously – if you’re thinking of ever getting any work done, Wendi is your lady. So easy to work with, so super nice, and really listened to my thoughts when she designed the tat.

Tomorrow I get the Zipcar for a few hours to pick up Brian’s tux, and galavant a little. Yay for driving around! I might buy a hamster though… If the silly dwarf hamster that I met last week is still at the Petco in Yonkers, I’m totally going to take it home. Eeeeep.

In other news, Brian and I are planning a trip! We don’t know when we will reasonably be able to do it, but we’re planning a trip. We WANT to drive across the country, but I think we should compromise and fly to Denver, then rent a car for 2 weeks and just hang out on the West Coast. Drive. Check out Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, northern California… I wish we could take 3 weeks, but I just don’t know how we would be able to. I guess I’ll start saving, and hopefully next summer we can do a great trip. 

It’s frustrating to be bogged down by student loans. I don’t understand how everyone else seems to sneak in all of these little trips. Or how everyone else is planning their wedding. Jeez.


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Canadian transplant in Inwood, New York City. Community Manager at House Party, a WOM marketing company. Owns a chinchilla. Voluntarily takes on too much work to help anything from pop-punk bands to homeless dogs. Learning to cook and live well.

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