New New York experiences

Today I went to IKEA…in Paramus, NJ…without a car!
There were several benefits to this decision:

  1. I didn’t have to go to Brooklyn on the 1/2 trains, or come back on the 1/2 trains with a bunch of stuff. From Brooklyn. I didn’t have to go to Brooklyn.
  2. It was FASTER than going to Brooklyn! Really! Maybe took about an hour.
  3. It only cost $8.50 round trip! To book the Zipcar, it would have cost about $40 PLUS tolls! $8.50 is less than one toll!
  4. By taking public transportation, I didn’t buy furniture that I obviously do not need. I couldn’t carry it.
  5. I ran a 0.007% risk of running into someone I knew. This is important since I definitely looked like an idiot. It took me about 4 loops of the entire Show Room AND Marketplace before I was satisfied with my purchasing decisions.
  6. I learned that no one really uses the NJ Transit buses during a weekday. There may have been 10 people on the bus maximum going either way. I’m totally going to use this bus system more often! I’ll find reasons!

Tomorrow, I will be going for a TATTOO CONSULTATION. I don’t really even know what that means, as I 100% intend to get the tattoo done by the artist I am seeing. It’s the best I could do for the week though – the artist was booked up. Her name is Wendi, and she lives at Rising Dragon on 14th Street. I’m not getting a dragon tattoo (maybe I should?)

I am also not getting this tattoo:

but if I procreate with an Irish man, our children certainly should.

I will be adding to my current tattoo on my back (it’s not a tramp stamp). There is a 95% chance that you haven’t seen it.

Totally forgot that I had to pay for that. Damnit.

About cicutoface

Canadian transplant in Inwood, New York City. Community Manager at House Party, a WOM marketing company. Owns a chinchilla. Voluntarily takes on too much work to help anything from pop-punk bands to homeless dogs. Learning to cook and live well.

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