Brian’s birthday, brought to you by NY1

Every morning when I wake up and start my day, Brian turns on NY1 specifically to watch the Rail & Road Report.  Key things to know about this:
  1. Brian walks to school, where he also works
  2. Brian does not use the bus or subway daily
  3. Brian does not own a car or Zipcar membership
  4. Jamie Shupak hosts the Rail & Road Report on NY1 every half-hour on the 8s
  5. Jamie Shupak is adorable
  6. Jamie Shupak and Pat Kiernan’s 30 seconds of banter is even more adorable
For his birthday, I surrendered my dignity and emailed her with the subject line “Question from a fan” to ask her if she could autograph a free MTA map and send it to me for Brian’s birthday.
And she DID.
And wrote “Don’t be a rubbernecker!” on it.
I will post photos later when we frame it and inevitably hang it above our bed, but in the meantime, here are some of our most prized possessions: TWEETS FROM SOMEONE WHO IS ON TELEVISION EVERYDAY.
before the gift

after the gift
For good measure, I’m also going to include the RT I managed to pull outta Pat Kiernan:
This all could be considered a testament to how awesome Jamie Shupak is towards her fans, but I really think that this is just a testament to how great I am at giving gifts. 
More pics to come once we save the money for a frame.

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Canadian transplant in Inwood, New York City. Community Manager at House Party, a WOM marketing company. Owns a chinchilla. Voluntarily takes on too much work to help anything from pop-punk bands to homeless dogs. Learning to cook and live well.

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